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The Fernhochschule Hamburg, University of Applied Sciences, is our partner for the Bachelor’s degree programme


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The state-recognized, medical, vocational School of Physiotherapy was founded in 1992. The school is part of the BAVARIA clinic and is located in Kreischa near Dresden.

The BAVARIA clinic is a large rehabilitation institution with several therapeutic areas e.g. neurology (with an intensive care unit), traumatology, internal medicine, oncology, orthopaedics and paediatrics. The close connection between our school and the BAVARIA clinic, allows our students to easily combine theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

Practical experience is of great importance and for the most part, the clinical teaching is carried out in departments of the BAVARIA clinic. 

Our school is one of three institutions of the BAVARIA Schools in Kreischa. In addition to the physiotherapy training we also offer an  occupational therapy and speech and language therapy programme.

Every year we welcome a class of 26 to 28 new students to the physiotherapy training. Given that programmes last 3 years, approximately 80 students are enrolled at any time. The small number of students is of great advantage and guarantees an excellent learning environment and good relations between students and teachers.

Since 1992 we cooperate with the Catholic University of Lille (France) and with several other institutions in Austria. In connection with these schools and institutions we organize student exchanges and promote knowledge-sharing with our European neighbours.

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Occupational Therapy

Speech and Language Therapy

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Klinik Bavaria Kreischa
Weiterbildungsinstitut Bavaria Kreischa

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Katholische Universität Lille (Frankreich)

Katholische Universität Lille (Frankreich)


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